Kim Brakeley has had a brilliant career circling the globe with one of the most amazing rock bands Fleetwood Mac, as well as the divine Miss Bette Midler. A talented stylist and skillful assistant she found herself gainfully employed for over two decades and in perpetual motion. Marriage and babies did not arrive until just now, and now seems just perfect. Married at forty-five and now blissfully pregnant at fifty-one, she is radiant ! What does it mean to be having a child ?  It is an extraordinary blessing and a gift... also absolute proof that miracles do happen ! What were your concerns for pregnancy at 51 ? Being able to physically keep up with a child. I lost both of my parents decades ago, and realized that youth alone does … [Read More...]



The Magnificent Rosalind Russell as Auntie Mame  I must confess that as the years go by I am channeling Rosalind Russell and her magical performance in Auntie Mame as a role model for growing old with panache ! She made middle age look so chic, almost something to cherish rather than to find so challenging. Why not ? You need only be clever enough to develop a gift for being absolutely gorgeous and irresistibly fabulous ! I see a feathered turban in my future, worn with a beautifully cut suit with a bit of faux fabulous fur and most importantly an inspired sense of optimism. It seems such an obvious choice to make, a little pro-aging for a change ! At some point there is no other way, only wonderful seems worth committing to ! A very … [Read More...]



  This is the shoe of a super hero, the uniform of a goddess with a mission to free women from genital imprisonment. This shoe seeks to move us forward, to limit government control of our reproductive options and to my mind allows society on both sides of the aisle to get their way. The GOP say they want less government, so here is your moment to shine and get out of the vagina business. Why on earth should reproductive rights be governed, no one limits sperm from doing what it does......can you imagine? Oh, but its the church that compels this archaic premise, life begins when the church says it begins. However that would be your church, and this is not your body, the two must line up for you to render a decision here. Alas, in … [Read More...]