Leslie Burke



If I could, I would do this! Just looking at the picture is a shot of adrenaline! This is Leslie Burke, (see profile) and knowing her I guarantee this will happen again!

Lola -
I wish I could have my own TV show and educate the world on how to eat right and exercise. Childhood obesity is an epidemic. My show would be inspiring and fun. I would travel the world and each episode would be different information about each place I visited.
Sandra Ploszaj-
I would show my true feelings for those I love more openly even when I don’t feel it back.
Phyllis Van Englehoven-


“If I could…………

I woud have a big rambling house, with many rooms and a huge garden. I would fill it with children. I would fill it with the older children who are part of a family, siblings, that are less likely to get adopted, or fostered. Kids for whom some may feel it’s too late to make a difference. Hurt children, shy children, naughty children, confused children, angry children. All would be welcome….. I would take them all. There would be a loud side of the house and a quiet room. Dancing before breakfast and a communal closet to get dressed from…. I would like to show them, if only for a brief time in their lives, that there is kindness and love in the world, and that passion and adventure are worth more than any material thing they could buy…..and if I could I would have the energy to do it!!”
Paula Bradley-


If I could I would have cleaned out my closet sooner and purged myself of burdensome relationships – I don’t know who decided that we have to like and keep every friend we ever made ….. some just are not healthy.”
Kathy Reisdorf-


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