If I Could

Even the name makes no sense. These boots sit in my closet. I collect them with a vengeance because they represent an easy lifestyle,one that I want to wallow in. I want a pair for the chilly mornings, a pair to run errands in, a pair to keep my legs warm at movie matinees, a pair to make my evening hot chocolate in, and even a pair to take the out the trash. My dream is to walk on the beach somewhere in just a bikini and UGGS, or sip a hot toddy in front of a roaring fire in my UGGS after a few mogul runs on the mountain. I pack these UGGS with every trip I take but rarely do they set foot on the faraway places I visit.They stay in the darkest recesses of my suitcase because of one serious flaw in my psyche. My UGGS turn to ughs at the very thought of putting them on. I feel like a poser when I try to wear them in my different scenarios. The look is never the same once I have them on, as the look I have developed in my mind. The imagination that gave me the idea to purchase them is lost in the translation when actually wearing them! So Lola if I could…I would wear my UGGS ( all 20 pairs of them I’m telling you) without one worry or flipping thought that I look weird!. Is there any cure for my problem?
Jolene Walker-

If I could I would have paid far more attention to my education – gone to a better college or at least taken a far more serious look at classes and teachers – while the major may not have been all that important to me – the caliber of information and the people responsible for delivering it was paramount. I would have sought out better mentors that would have inspired me more- I would have done some things differently if someone would have challenged me more – or I let them….I was lazy with this gift and it is a huge regret. I like to learn, I love to read and I really enjoy great company and conversations – if I could, I would have been more of a legitimate student.

Kathy Reisdorf-

I would take a trip to a tropical paradise with my closest girlfriends, handsome men servants only of course!
Phyllis Van Engelhoven-

If I Could I would make the behavior of politicians in our country far more attractive by creating a book of manners by which each candidate would be expected to behave. An Emily Post for Political Candidates (and their staff), bipartisan of course ! I think it has real merit !

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