Diana Vreeland

Many of you are probably familiar with the legendary editor of Bazaar Magazine, the fabulous Diana Vreeland. She reigned as the magazines fashion arbiter for 26 years from 1936 to 1962, where she famously created a column called “Why Don’t You”?

In it she offered a flight of fancy in which to indulge your senses. With a delightful range of her own original musings on how to live with panache! One in particular we love at Lola ‘wear violet velvet mittens with everything’. It is with her in our thoughts that we have created our version.

”If I Could” is an opportunity to look forward, or perhaps to look back and share with us, an untold wish or two!

“Pink….I said pink…Do not tell a soul….If I Could I would have listened to my future mother-in-law when she told me to always buy white because you can bleach it with abandon. What on earth made a 30 year old invest in a Pink ruffled wedding dress and have her shoes dyed pink to match? I surely had a full length mirror when I was trying this dress on and I know some, if not all of my bridesmaids were with me at the wedding shop. Possibly this is why I NEVER look at my wedding pictures.”
Jolene Walker -

“If I Could….. I would make men think more like women so they could read our minds! We’re really not that difficult” !
Phyllis Van Engelhoven-


“If I Could……As a young women out of college, I would have worked harder at achieving my dream. I would not have given up so easily.”
Pam Lannen-


“If I could”……I would wear a pencil skirt everyday.
Paula Bradley-


“If I Could….I would have taken better care of my body when I was young. The inside and the outside of this ever growing temple, because damage control sucks!! Especially when you love to eat.
Kathy Reisdorf-


“If I Could……I would spend another day with my Dad who died suddenly while biking. He was a physicist and so brilliant and well read. There are so many questions I long to ask him on a weekly basis, and I would like to thank him for everything he did for me.”
Kate Groves-


“If I Could……I would hold a World Conference with one man and one women from each country as representatives to their homeland. They would all be 25 years old, carefully chosen by their piers, and just the right age to be educated but as yet not jaded by fear or greed. That magical time in our lives when idealism still reigns supreme and doing the right thing might just find it’s way forward. Call me naive but I bet they would get natural energy rocking and rolling, Palestine and Israel to an equitable agreement, and make world hunger and genocide a top priority in countries other than those with oil resources………….and all before lunch

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