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Dr. Eve Campanelli Ph.D. - Eves Herb

Dr. Eve Campanelli founder of Eve’s Herbs, is a professional holistic health care expert specializing in the use of herbs, nutrition, and homeopathy. Her time-tested formulas and herbal remedies have provided significant relief from even the toughest health challenges for men and women alike. Her Personal, drug free relief from Cancer and extensive Credentials has led to a successful practice.

Eve has advised thousands of men and women including many of the stars (Cher, George Hamilton, Lily Tomlin, Morgan Fairchild, Melissa Gilbert, and many others) in her private practice in Beverly Hills. Dr Eve’s therapy packs and herbal remedies and herbal supplements are second to none! Dr. Campanelli began her private practice in 1978 and now has offices in Culver City, California and Ashland, Oregon where she practices and lives with her husband and son. She received her BA in Health Care from Antioch College in 1977, has two Master Herbalist degrees from Emerson College and the Rio Grande Center for Herbal Studies, has a PhD in Holistic Medicine from Ryokan College, and most recently became a Diplomate and Fellow of the British Institute of Homeopathy.Dr. Campanelli also teaches classes in herbology and related health care topics, and authors an ongoing newsletter. In addition to writing her own book, she is a contributing author to several Rodale Press health books. Dr. Eve Campanelli’s herbal remedies & herbal supplements for rejuvenation and healing can now be ordered online, here through www.EvesHerbs.net


Eve Campanelli, Phd. has been my personal herbalist and holistic mentor since 1984, and I am a devotee. I was young then and foolish, always ‘burning the candle’ as they say. My body was rejecting the antibiotics prescribed for every sore throat and fever my poor immune system threw out as a warning to slow down. I was looking for a way to be healthy and finally ready to take good care of myself. I was 25, the timing was good.

The learning curve for me was about prevention as cure, and understanding that what was crucial to wellness was the care and strength of my immune system. I have never been without her support since and have turned to her for every and any malady along the way, including care during pregnancy. I think of Eve’s Herbs as a food source that manage the strength and balance of my continued good health. I have never waivered, had few colds, never once had the flu (knock wood) and they make me feel strong and healthy. Herbs are the original green and organic food source, how’s that for being way ahead of the curve. After 28 years they are a way of life for me and my family.



  1. Cynthia Lambert says:

    YAY!!! I’ve always been curious who your mysterious herbalist is!! I remember first meeting you and you were popping these herbs and they had their own special pouch! Holistic is the way to go! I’m going to order Eve’s book. Can’t wait!! xo

  2. 为了学习这个知识,到处找相关文章,哎,真不容易,博主也不容易,在此也要感谢一下博主了。

  3. There are rellay some people who has a great concern with their health. This is how the things should be. We should always be concerned with our health. This article can help open the eyes of the readers to the importance of being healthy because of Herbal. We should be thankful that there are herbalist. Even a simple plant can be a medicine if we know how and where to use it.

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