This is the shoe of a super hero, the uniform of a goddess with a mission to free women from genital imprisonment. This shoe seeks to move us forward, to limit government control of our reproductive options and to my mind allows society on both sides of the aisle to get their way. The GOP say they want less government, so here is your moment to shine and get out of the vagina business. Why on earth should reproductive rights be governed, no one limits sperm from doing what it does……can you imagine? Oh, but its the church that compels this archaic premise, life begins when the church says it begins. However that would be your church, and this is not your body, the two must line up for you to render a decision here. Alas, in this country and by virtue of our revered Constitution which supports, no, encourages, well in fact it is the foundation that our country was built on……… RELIGIOUS FREEDOM !

The goddess in question here is Wendy Davis the senator from Texas who stood for thirteen hours in these shoes to filibuster the severe anti-abortion laws being put forth for vote in Texas. She is a feminist hero, but more importantly she is a sane and relevant female standing up for all of our rights. The battle has not been won, only delayed as a special session will now be held to enable the vote once again. The victory was only temporary as the clock ticked past the time in which a vote could be held. Wendy Davis has won an opportunity for all of us to stand with her and demand that our bodies be our business ! A show of support is crucial !

These shoes have quickly bcome emblematic of her grand gesture and the shoe to wear if you want to “Stand with Wendy” as has been coined in several related articles. It has become the number one selling shoe on Amazon, where countless comments have been left showing support for Ms. Davis, have a look ! They are priceless…………

This is not a question of wether or not abortion is right or wrong, that decision lies in the heart and soul of the individual. This bill seeks to limit necessary health care and options to women when they need it most.. The law that has been in place since Roe vs. Wade and was signed on January 22, 1973. is clearly written to acknowledge the rights and privacy of any women seeking an abortion. That was when the courts ruled 7-2 that the right to privacy under the due process clause of the 14th amendment extended to a woman’s right to have an abortion. The issue is about privacy, and the right to make choices for oneself without the jurisdiction of a law to prevent that freedom.

I am past my reproductive years, and nothing has been more important to me than my son. However that does not give me or anyone else the right to dictate how another women should determine the path of her reproductive life………………

I’m wearing the shoes with Wendy. If I can find a pair!


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