Amy has a joy button beyond any I have ever seen. Even reading her e-mails inspires an immediate smile every time, she infuses her words with her lovely sense of humor. I can feel her innate well being even on the written page ! There is a fundamental optimism and joy that is seemingly in her DNA. If only we could bottle and sell it !! Amy has never forgotten how to play, that ability to access her inner child is sound wisdom for us all !


My name is Amy Wood, I am 42 , and my life’s work and passion so far has been to raise three sons to become men of character.

List your top three essentials for peace of mind on a daily basis.
My top three priorities everyday are saying “I love You” to my boys, my husband, and my family, then dinner with my family and a good night’s sleep.

Skip dessert or wear spanks ?
Neither, just work out a little longer !

Without apology what can you no longer tolerate ?
Deliberately mean and energy draining friendships…………

What will you never give up no matter what?
Three things……………wine, bubble baths, and exercise.

Surgery, luxurious creams, injectables? Any, all or nothing? What do you think makes a women feel truly beautiful ?
I think surgery, creams, and injectables are all fine, but what I think makes a
women feel truly beautiful is being loved.

What is the quality you find most attractive in a man, or a women ?
The most attractive quality in both is a kind spirit, a sense of humor, and a keen
intellect doesn’t hurt !

What would you say to your 30 yr. old self about the next 20 years?
I would say wear sunscreen and don’t sweat the small stuff because most of the things you will worry about will be small stuff………


  1. paula bradley says:

    How lovely is She? I agree with her that nothing makes a woman feel more beautiful than being loved.
    I am going to steal that and post it on FB!!
    Thank you Amy.

  2. Muchos Gracias for your blog article.Thanks Again. Really Cool.

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