Helen and I met years ago in Minneapolis when she worked with ‘Prince’and for whom she helped to create his signature look. She is so magical and talented, with a career that has given her an amazing journey, one in which she is still very much engaged at 60. With no end in sight she is endlessly fascinating.Here she is with her well deserved Emmy!


My name is Helen Hiatt, I am 60, and I am so happy, happier than almost any other time in my adult life. I feel as if my life has been an adventure and now I am unpacking the souveniers and loving the memories and seeing who I have become in this moment. I love it. The past few years have been challenging with shifting family obligations because of deaths but the healing and love I have found with my family and friends has been truely a blessing and strength!

I have never been married and have no children. That does not mean I have not had love in my life and I have my group of children I have seen be born, and helped raise and been around closely their whole lives. My life has been full, I have not always acknowledged it though. My groups of friends are long standing and varied and strong. I started my career late, I was 35. But I soared, had a lot of fun, traveled and did good work. Wardrobe managing and touring for Prince, Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul, Cher, and Jimmy Buffett. Along the way I even snagged an Emmy Award! I am still working and don’t see quitting. I feel like I started a new lease on life when I turned 60.

What makes a good relationship now, is it different at this time in your life?
Fun loving, outward looking, healthy people who think and laugh. I needed relationships for security in the past, but now I just need adventure and sharing and caring.

Chocolate……Milk or Dark?
I love Milk Chocolate!

In her book, “The Wisdom of Menopause” the very insightful Christiane Northrup M.D. says.”The woman in menopause, who is becoming the Queen of herself, finds herself at
a crossroads of life, torn between the old way she has always known and a new way she has just begun to dream of “…….your thoughts?

I think the “new way I have just begun to dream of” is at this time of life is really just letting my dream, vision, of myself come to the top. I spend more time being now and alot less worrying. My 50’s were about letting go and now I think it is about enjoying the time I have left–which could be many many happy years.

List your top three essentials for peace of mind on a daily basis.
Relaxation, breathing deeply, laughing.

Glasses…….at what age did they become absolutely unavoidable?

I love glasses. My older sister wore them as a child and I envied her. I sat too close to the TV and would cross my eyes so I could need glasse! Ann Southern on TV! I had to make due with just sunglasses for years. But in my mid fourties the print became blurry and then I got to wear glasses. Yes they are a pain, but as long as I HAVE to wear them, I can have quite a lot of fun. I just love them. And I try to find interesting ones. Two good stores in LA are Hotel d’Ville and Society of the Spectacle. I ran away to New York City when I was 16 and I saw a woman on the street wearing a kelly green suit and she was wearing kelly green glasses. I remember feeling the lightening bolt realization that she must own many pairs of glasses–different ones for different outfits! It felt like a delicious, sophisticated, wild world I was glimpsing and wanting to enter.

Skip dessert, or wear Spanks?
Spanks, but be sure to wear them large enough so you just smooth not squeeze.

What personal attribute do you most value in yourself?
my desire

Without apology, what can you no longer tolerate just because…….?
people who lie about who they are

What will you never ever give up no matter what……………………?
my friends

What would you say to your 30 yr. old self about the next 20 years ?
You will enjoy. Let go, don’t worry so.

There is a special bond between women, so on the subject of girlfriends…….?
Where would we be without our girlfriends?
I would not be here without my girlfriends.

Surgery, luxurious creams, injectables? Any, all, or nothing? What do you think makes a woman feel truly beautiful?
I had basal cell cancer removed from the bridge of my nose and to close up the dime sized incision, the doctor pulled the skin together, I have a very faint scar now, but I also got a mini under eye job. I love it, I look so rested! And I love the faint scar I have running down my nose. Proof I can heal and proof of living.

How do we go from 40 to 50 to 60 and beyond with real self confidence! Can we reeducate ourselves and society, of the allure that actually takes that long to arrive?
We go out in the world and keep on living and showing up with pride and expression. Not accepting our status quo, we don’t stop. Making our voices heard. I remember when I became “invisible”, I was no longer pretty young thing. I felt relief. Now I feel such pride and enthusiasm for my stage in life and I understand that my very being has alot to offer. Thriving has its benefits. And is very attractive.

What do you love about now?
That I feel I have arrived and that I will not go silent.

What do you loathe about now?
That time may be short.

Who are your female icons, and what is it you admire about them?
I love Gloria Steinam, she is smart, brave, interesting and has worked on a personal as well as global level.

What’s love got to do with it? What’s sex got to do with it? How do they figure in the equation now?
Love is very important. So is sex. More please. Being single it takes a different effort to feel love and loved.

Do you think in our country that women are revered as they grow older?
Not in the media, but in real life I think we are more visible. And young people are more interested in us because we have experience. It is a version of the being invisible because of not being pretty young thing, but our age and experience is attractive.

Long hair is really popular amongst older women these days, your thoughts?
My hair just got longer and I do love it, I think of it as luxurious. And getting older is about luxury.

It is often said that men get better as they age, however it seems that more and more young men are finding older women very attractive. Would you be comfortable dating a
younger man.?

I don’t know if I would be comfortable dating a very much younger man, but I do know they look more attractive to me than they have in a long time.

Research shows that our generation will choose, or need to work far beyond retirement age. Any plans for a career change? Perhaps a long held fantasy job, artist, chef, trapeze artist maybe? All things being possible, at least here anyway, anything on your mind ?
I would love to be a singer.


  1. paula bradley says:

    I love Helen with all of my heart, I believe she is a true faery being. Her energy truly releases faery dust, but she has more than a little imp in her too!!!
    If you don’t know her, do not miss any opportunity that our friend Lola may offer up, to share some time with her. You would not regret it.
    She is a marvel.

  2. Kim Brakeley says:

    Helen is as fabulous as she sounds here, and much, much more. She has stories that will set your hair on end! Her love of adventure is infectious, her humor ever present, and she is the absolute definition of a true friend, in the deepest sense of the word.

    Long Live Queen Helen!

  3. Cynthia Lambert says:

    Helen is a true gem!! A naughty little angel!
    and she does have some stories……!!!!

    Celebrate Helen!!!!

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