Jaimie is a new friend and I am so attracted to her energy and life force. We are both from the south side of Chicago, which if you’re from there you know, forms an immediate bond. She and her husband own a boutique winery in Santa Barbara called Sanguis, have a look www.sanguiswine.com. They make the most delicious wines, all in very limited quantities, which really inspires you to savor the moment, I think. I really enjoyed the genesis of the names of the wines, very intriguing. I highly recommend you give them a try if you have the opportunity.


My name is Jaimie Margaret Kinser ( It has taken me a very long time to be okay with my middle name, it always meant I was in BIG trouble when my Dad used it)

I’m 52.75 years old. For the past twenty years my children and my marriage have been my “life force”. I have been shaped and changed by both. I firmly believe I am the mother of two boys because I needed to learn that men are no more flawed than we women are. I have come to relish and celebrate our differences. Why would we want them to like us? How boring!

They along with my surviving marriage are my proudest works to date. They are not however the end all. Chapter three is in the works!

Chocolate………Milk or Dark? Wine red, white, once in awhile, every night?
Dark Milk Chocolate is a brilliant melding of the two. Wine early and often (being from Chicago that’s riff on our voting philosophy).

List your top three essentials for peace of mind on a daily basis.
8 hours of sleep, plenty of the aforementioned wine and lots and lots of laughter !!

Without apology, what can you no longer tolerate just because…….?
Just cannot tolerate people with too much crazy drama in their lives.

There is a special bond between women, so on the subject of girlfriends…….?
Early in life I had more male friends. Now I am mad about the girls! (Though a gay boy is still fun…..)

What do you love about now?
I love that i do not care as much what people think of me. I love that I am more relaxed and patient ( though I still drive like a New Yorker!!!)
I love that I desire my husband more now than any other time in our married life

What is the quality you find most attractive in a woman? In a man?
I find confidence very sexy in both men and women ! Whether you’re good looking or not, dressed age appropriately or not, ;long hair at 60, whatever! if you believe the i do too! To me that’s the bomb !

The empty nest, how do we survive it ? Does it set us free to reinvent our lives, or just a depressing loss, that comes too soon. Any insight ?
I still have nestlings, but I look forward to the day they go out into the world and I can start that “third chapter”. My plan is to take design classes (shoes? industrial? who knows?) and getting the creative juices going but good.


  1. paula bradley says:

    Wow, what a beauty. I love whine early and often. I may have to steal that quote.
    It made me laugh, so thank you.
    And I love that you desire your husband more now than ever. You are my hero, I do hope to still be having sex with my special someone right up until the last moment, even if we laugh our asses off through it.

  2. Jamie Kinser says:

    Thanks Paula!! And thank you Julie for bringing this site to fruition, finding these awesome women and being an inspiration!

    Women ROCK!

    PS I can’t tell you how funny it is to me that I spelled my own name wrong in the profile. I’m constantly harping on others spelling for it as Hi-me. Ha! Not any more…

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