Jane and I are soul mates, we share a gift for mischief and mayhem, in a good way ! She is blessed with optimism and intrinsic joy. Despite what have sometimes been difficult passages in her own life, she just seems to have a gift for making lemonade of lemons, with much greater ease than most. Her life is exciting and full and never without adventure. I find that she understands the essence of true happiness., and like an artist she manifests beauty and joy in her life everyday.

I think she’s actually quite magical!


My name is Jane Kellard, I am 55 and I have three glorious children, they are my true passion. For many years I published an International Film Festival magazine called IFF. Recently i have also been working in development for several television projects, as well as specializing in the sale of beach front properties in Malibu and the LA area for WEA-Malibu.

What makes a good relationship now?
A good relationship is based on the ability to allow and accept a person for who they truly are. I have no intention of changing my ways at this point in my life, nor do I expect someone else to do so for me.

What I do expect is for my partner and I to embrace our qualities as well as our flaws, and reach a common ground for which these differences can live harmoniously. In order to survive and nurture a good relationship one must take off your armor, set aside swords and surrender to love.

List your top three essentials for peace of mind on a daily basis.
First, to wake up every morning with gratitude and a sense of curiosity and adventure. To be courageous enough to see where the day may lead you, to take a chance and ride the wild side ! Secondly, make a stranger, or someone you know smile and feel important. To make them smile and feel important, let them feel alive and awake by sharing a moment with them, however small or insignificant it may seem. Thirdly, to express to those special people you hold so close to your heart how much you love them, appreciate them, and need them in your life.

What will you never give up, no matter what ?
I will never give up taking long walks on the beach, singing out loud, dancing insanely wild whenever i feel like it, having midnight crackers and cheese in bed, crying at silly movies, admiring beautiful sexy men ….and women, winning the lottery, traveling the world, believing in love, wearing bandanas on my head, and throwing on sarong’s, finding new and undiscovered passions, sitting for hours in a cafe and talking with strangers, and continuing to dream and live what some people might think is an impossible dream!!

What do you love about now?
What i love about “NOW’ is being able to understand it. To be “present” and to actually be “in the moment” without any distractions is definitely an art form. it must be learned and earned. The “NOW” exists when all the voices in your head are finally silent and you can actually hear yourself breathe……….just breathe.

What is the quality you find most attractive in a man ?
I find confidence the most attractive quality in a man, it is from that place that everything else follows. Yes, i am wildly attracted and insanely attracted to tall, dark, handsome, intelligent, funny, sexy men! Especially those who adorn an earring o tattoo, but it is confidence that always pulls me in. Without confidence no other strengths can be discovered, one’s spirit,energy and confidence…..that’s what intoxicates me.

What’s love got to do with it?

I will never give up on loving! Love is what it’s all about! (such a hippie girl …) We are here to experience, learn. taste, feel, smell touch and see every possible kind of love….it is what we live for and die for. It motivates us, inspires us, and comforts us. It is the source of our energy and existence. It trickles out and spreads from us like ripples from a tossed pebble on the water’s edge……..it is to be given unconditionally and without judgement or expectations. It is the best gift we can leave our children and our world. loving is delicious, addictive and imperative to the well being of our hearts and souls.

Would you be comfortable dating a younger man?
The answer to that is quite simple……….absolutely, without a doubt 100% Yes!! mmmmmm How Luscious !


  1. paula bradley says:

    I love her……..xxxx
    Hope we get to meet some day

  2. Jane lives what she writes! I’ve had the privilege of knowing Jane about a year now, having just moved from the East Coast to the West Coast. Jane exemplified true sisterhood and welcomed me into her world right from the start. She showed me the ins and outs of what would be my new hometown (invaluable!). We’ve been friends since the day we met, I’ve met her kids and she’s met mine…it’s been a good thing! Tracy

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