Kim Brakeley has had a brilliant career circling the globe with one of the most amazing rock bands Fleetwood Mac, as well as the divine Miss Bette Midler. A talented stylist and skillful assistant she found herself gainfully employed for over two decades and in perpetual motion. Marriage and babies did not arrive until just now, and now seems just perfect. Married at forty-five and now blissfully pregnant at fifty-one, she is radiant !
What does it mean to be having a child ? 

It is an extraordinary blessing and a gift… also absolute proof that miracles do happen !

What were your concerns for pregnancy at 51 ?

Being able to physically keep up with a child. I lost both of my parents decades ago, and realized that youth alone does not guarantee strength, longevity, or good parenting. All the rest of it felt right. I’m smarter, more grounded, more capable and more loving than at any other time in my life.

How did you prepare physically and spiritually ?

I had to get real with the physical demands, so I got as strong, clean and fit as I could before we tried. I changed my eating habits, and have made swinging kettle bells and yoga my main home fitness routines. I also swim whenever possible. I meditated a lot on motherhood and family, and what I could bring to it. I thought about what had not worked in my own family and let go of old hurts and losses that had long haunted me. I got rid of things that were taking up space, and relationships that no longer worked in my life. I adjusted work and financial priorities, and learned to live making much less money. I went to massage school to acquire new skills. When I work again, I want it to be radically different from what I have done so far—especially in terms of time and stress levels.

Favorite part of the journey so far ?

Feeling this little human moving inside me everyday ! It is amazing seeing the tenderness in my husband throughout this process, and being in my body as it changes, grows, and nurtures life. The more I’ve learned about the body, the more of a beautiful mystery it becomes. If we understood how wildly incredible every little function was, we would revere these bodies of ours more deeply.

How do you pamper yourself ?

Baths and sleeping. Whenever and for however long I want !

Cravings ?

Chocolate and cheese, always ! Cherries right now—I cannot get enough of them. In winter it was lamb, braised in red wine and garlic. Mmmm…..

I love the passion you have always shown for manifesting the best possible life for yourself, and your constant pursuit of personal growth.

I realized a long time ago that I never wanted to just complacently have the same life from one year to the next, taking whatever came along; my curiosity spurs me on relentlessly. I spent a lot of time figuring out what my dreams were, large and small, and then learned how to take actions and risks, and make decisions that would support those dreams. Life doesn’t always show up as I picture it, but it is often so much grander and more wonderful than I could have imagined. I don’t know where it comes from, but I have overarching faith that I’m always in exactly the right place, at the right time. This has proven to be true my whole life, and I’m sure it is true now !

What do you think about menopause and a toddler all in one go ?

I couldn’t let fear of that hold me back. I’m really encouraged (by you and others!) that our perception and handling of menopause has changed dramatically in the last several years. Physically, I was a very late bloomer and had not felt much change before I got pregnant. As soon as I am able, I will pursue bio-identical hormones and anything else women are having good experiences with. I’ll have to take better care of myself now more than I ever did before. But that’s a win for the whole family !

I wish you a gentle passage to this magical event, and I will be there with you every step of the way my dear friend. Is there anything I can do for you ?

You’ve been my shining inspiration and role model for “the possible woman” for so long. Help me be that for my daughter! Also, make sure I get to the Korean spa every so often after she’s here, for a soak, a scrub and a  nice long massage.



  1. paula bradley says:

    gorgeous, simply gorgeous.

  2. Cousin renee says:

    Awesome…Kimmie you rock and Julie you do too…xoxo

  3. Wow, you are such an inspiration Kim. I love your passion for growth and new beginnings. You have one lucky little girl in your womb! Great blog Julie!

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