Leslie is so much fun to hang out with, she is the most youthful 45 ever! Whenever I need to be reminded that life is for living and creating new challenges I need only to look to her for inspiration. I took this photo in Scottsdale at The W Hotel’s gorgeous pool, we were hanging out at for the day, which a lovely way to spend a day. I was recovering from hip replacement surgery, and she was just being Fabulous!! Look at those legs, I was inspired to heal quickly and get back in the game. Feeling 100% now !!

Leslie Burke , Age 45 , Life’s work are my two Kids

What makes a good relationship now, is it different at this time in your life?
Honesty and communication. Don’t think that changes its just that you realize how important those two things are.

Chocolate……Milk or Dark? Wine red, white, once in awhile, every night?
Yes ! All of the above…chocolate everyday, and wine most days …once in awhile you might want to have a beer.

List your top three essentials for peace of mind on a daily basis.
Coffee , excerise, and music…usually in that order

Glasses…….at what age did they become absolutely unavoidable?
Not yet!!

Skip dessert, or wear Spanks?

Eat Dessert.. then hike Camelback!

What personal attribute do you most value in yourself?
The ability to see things from another’s perspective.

Without apology, what can you no longer tolerate just because…….?
Closed minded people…

What will you never ever give up no matter what……………………?
I will never give up on love…and never give up music , coffee ,and exercise ..in that order

What would you say to your 30 yr. old self about the next 20 years?
Hold on tight…your life will change in so many ways with amazing results

There is a special bond between women, so on the subject of girlfriends…….?
I have such a deep appreciation for all of the wonderful friends that I have. I have been truly blessed . Some I see several times a week , some several time a year and some even less but they are all amazing sources of inspiration and support.

Surgery, luxurious creams, injectables? Any, all, or nothing? What do you think makes a woman feel truly beautiful?
Confidence…and whatever it takes for you to feel it.

What do you love about now?
Being so much wiser about life and relationships

What do you loathe about now?
That I look older than I feel …fyi ..never put a mirror on the floor and look into it!

Who are your female icons, and what is it you admire about them?
My friends are the most amazing and inspiring women I could hope to meet.

What is the quality you find most attractive in a man?
Sense of humor

What is the quality you find most attractive in a woman?
Sense of humor

Should women dress age appropriate, and what does that mean to you?
Yes , which means we should dress more with a sense of our own style and to reflect the person we have become rather than by trend or for others.

Would you be comfortable dating a younger man.?
Yes ..know any?

The empty nest, how do we survive it ? Does it set us free to reinvent our lives, or just a depressing loss, that comes too soon. Any insight ?
Don’t think we are ever fully prepared for kids when they arrive or when they leave. It has to be viewed as another milestone achieved and an opportunity to find value in ourselves beyond motherhood.

Does doing something physically challenging, maybe something that frightens you a little cross your mind ? What might that be? My thoughts run to belly dancing, or dare I say a pole dancing class……….
Yes , definitely …maybe a waterski pyramid (check), a bike trip through Italy or France, run a marathon(or ½) , perform at an open mic …
Check out Leslie on the IF I Could page……….



  1. paula bradley says:

    I love her, what more is there to say really….Fabulous

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