Irene Clary

Style is relevance………

The most glamorous way to have real style is to be relevant, timely, aware of how the interpretations of what we wear also measures what is happening around us, to us, for us, because of us! To be aware we have to be engaged, and that means technology ! If you think you can spend the second half of this magnificent journey without jumping on board you will be left behind. For inspiration think of all the changes the industrial revolution brought into your ancestors lives. Surely they had to learn to adapt, except change, and read the directions.

Keep your mental acuity by challenging it, the rewards are great. Another big benefit is interfacing with lots of young agile minds, ready and willing to teach you. Twitter is fun, Facebook a social masterpiece, and our lives are enriched by staying relevant. Don’t get old, get bold, and fearless. Can you say ‘Words with Friends’…………..

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