“Women to admire who inspire…

Lola is my spirit guide and a fictional hero, she has wit, courage and determination that I aspire to. She is a reflection of the joy and mischief that lives fearlessly inside my psyche as I endure the passing of time, and learn to let her out of the box. I am not reluctant to change, for most of my life I have welcomed it, but c’mon this is torture!! I am not willing to go down the path of middle-age without a voice and an army of supporters and some sense that I am not alone. The brutal, sometimes endearing passages we are all experiencing, when shared honestly, are fascinating! And although we are getting older, I believe the best time of our lives are still ahead.

Lola, is the girl that still lives inside the heart of all of us, the playful spirited creature that I for one don’t want to lose. To the contrary, I want to flourish and find joy in this chapter of life. With a little help from my friends and all of those who are willing to share their wisdom on the subject and share some insight on their experiences. So begins the journey, a gallery worthy collection of women’s voices, beautiful faces, joys, and challenges as we, the collective we, move through our lives. There’s strength in numbers.

Simplify your needs, beautify your soul, enrich your environment, exemplify compassion for yourself, and for those around you, and be willing to recognize the joy in the journey. There are endless opportunities left to explore and never, never surrender, age is truly a state of mind.

“Whatever Lola wants Lola gets” are words to live by…”